Meridian Pathway Massage


The Meridian Massage course focuses on using massage techniques to balance the life-energy flow known as Chi or qi within the body to promote good mental and physical wellbeing and health. 

Our meridian energy flow affects how we feel, think, process information and respond to our environment. Blockages of the meridian energy pathways can occur as a result of stress, injury, trauma or poor lifestyle.  

The Meridan Massage course is made up of four units;


  • Meridian Massage 1
  • Meridian Massage 2
  • Meridian Massage 3
  • Meridian Massage 4
Study Options

Face-to-face study on campus

AQF and ASQA Notification  

The Meridian Massage course is not a nationally recognised qualifications under the Australian Qualification Framework, it does not lead to the issuance of AQF certification documentation and the College of Natural Healing is not registered by ASQA to deliver this particular course.

Professional Development 

The College of Natural Healing is accredited with the Australian Traditional Medical Society to deliver Continuing Professional Development courses. For each face-to-face hour of study attended you may be awarded 1 CPE point. The College will issue a certificate of attendance on completion of each module. 

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