Diet & Nutrition


Diet is central to good health and vitality. Knowing what foods to eat and how food effects our performance, mood and overall health is important. Eating the right food is a key component to keeping dis-ease at bay.

This course gives students a solid foundation in food and nutrition principles to optimise health, increase energy and vitality The Nutrition and Diet course is for those who have a general interest in developing their knowledge in diet and nutrition it is also suitable for existing Natural Health practitioners interested in adding nutrition to their skill set to assist clients in making more informed choices. 

On successful completion of this course students will be able to; 

Access nutritional and dietary information
· Use information about nutrition and diet 
· Maintain knowledge of nutrition
· Understand the legal and ethical requirements in relation to provision of nutritional and diet information
· Understand the anatomy and physiology relating to diet including digestive processes of ingestion, mechanical digestion, propulsion, chemical digestion, absorption and defecation
· Understand and use the Australian Dietary guidelines
· Understand foods and their key features in relation to chronic disease
· Understand the basic principles and practices of nutrition
· Understand the influences of food choices on individuals
· Interpret food labelling
· Understand the role and implications of food additives and preservatives
· Understand the implication of food choices
· Understand commonly encountered food intolerances
· Describe the characteristics of special diets which are commonly found within Australian Society
· Understand when to refer a client to a nutritional specialist

Study Options

Distance Learning. Ten (10) weeks to complete this unit comprising of 100 learning hours. Students can undertake to do this unit at any time during the academic year

AQF & ASQA Notification 

The Diet & Nutrition course is not a nationally recognised qualification under the Australian Qualification Framework, it does not lead to the issuance of AQF certification documentation and the College of Natural Healing is not registered by ASQA to deliver this particular course.

Professional Development

The College of Natural Healing is accredited with the Australian Traditional Medical Society to deliver Continuing Professional Development courses. For each hour of study you may be awarded 1 CPE point. The College will issue a record of attainment on successful completion of this unit.  


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