Anatomy & Physiology #2


After completion of this unit, students will be able to;

Work with a detailed understanding of the structure and functioning of body systems

Take into account the range of factors that may have impacted on an identified physical condition

Obtain information through questioning or observation to identify actual or potential problems regarding health status

Use detailed knowledge of the structure and function of body systems to check health status prior to delivering health interventions

Identify a range of signs and symptoms of variations from normal health status

Identify potential risk factors associated with variations from normal health status

Have a knowledge of common medical anatomical terminology

Understand concepts underpinning human anatomy and physiology

Understand structure and functions of body systems including


Circulatory system

Lymphatic system

Respiratory system

Digestive system

Metabolism, nutrition and body temperature

Urinary system

Endocrine system

Reproductive system

Causes of disease including pathogens, genetic conditions, trauma and toxins

Degenerative changes in organ systems

Common disorders and complaints associated with each body system

Accurately use and articulate medical/paramedical terminology

Explain in clear language the structure and functioning of body systems

Describe the major components of each body system and their location

Explain the variations from normal functioning of each body system

Study Options

Distance Learning. Ten (10) weeks to complete this unit comprising of 100 learning hours. Students can undertake to do this unit at any time during the academic year. 

AQF & ASQA Notification 

The Anatomy & Physiology #2 course is not a nationally recognised qualifications under the Australian Qualification Framework, it does not lead to the issuance of AQF certification documentation and the College of Natural Healing is not registered by ASQA to deliver this particular course.

Professional Development

The College of Natural Healing is accredited with the Australian Traditional Medical Society to deliver Continuing Professional Development courses. For each hour of study you may be awarded 1 CPE point. The College will issue a record of attainment on successful completion of this unit.  


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